Columbia Lake

by Romancer

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released January 2, 2015

Recorded in 2013/2014 at Skytrack Studios in Cambridge, ON and Lime Green in Mississauga, ON.

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Zach Gerber.
Additional editing by Ian Blackwood

All songs written by Adam Horrocks and Lancaster, except Young written by Bradley Dunne, Justin Kitzman and Lancaster



all rights reserved


Romancer Kitchener, Ontario

Romancer is Adam Horrocks, Benjamin Abu Halaga-Dilgert, Riley O'Donnell and Nathan Cumber

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Track Name: Fireworks
How do you sleep I guess you've had a year on me
all the lights fixed in our road were too loud for us to see
time isn't a healer you'll still crawl your way back in
after all we're broken glass fireworks and tin

there are marks on the floor
and how I'm I supposed to recognize you
despite everyone saying
a lights up ahead
but you're too dark to find your way

I wonder if our hearts did yours burn brighter next to me
how have we grown colder than the grass beneath our feet
maybe I could be the knife for your kite
make love and sever the cord you used to tie your lights

is this how I spend my nights
I let them make my decisions for me
and if all I am is just a bad taste
why would you die for the words that I say
Track Name: Young
Let's take this from the start
Two kids with curious hearts
In time things grow apart and distance got its hands on ours
In time things fall apart
Just let it fall, it's not that hard

I don't know and I don't care
where you've gone, why you're not here
But at the end of today
I'll stand up tall and I will say

I thought I wanted this
The truth is I can't handle it
Your colours fade to dark, they're getting hard to see
I tried to hold this in, but now I'm bursting at the seams

I thought I wanted you

I'm better off without you
Track Name: Skydiving
I fell fast but the fall told me to get up
I'm face up just a case of something without a cure
pull me up I'm still stuck in the headlights
between safe and a car that just won't stop
give me everything i had and held so tight to my chest
leave me in a lonely room to reminisce counting down the days till you come home
you know
a lot less about your love than you think you do

sometimes i hope you'll hear this
kiss that loaded gun next to my head
and i cant tell you just how long I've waited
to kiss that load gun next to my head

at these heights my mind still needs your picture
the edges cut your joy-stained skin
he gets his truth from a glasgow smile
what if kind words dont last like he needs them to
what if the smiles never wrong

you've helped a few friends get there
wont take your easy way out
sometimes it's hard to say your name
I felt what fills me fleeting
from self manufactured seams

or so it seems
Track Name: Cold
There are still things I have to say to you my friend
the saddest songs always play by your bed
my heart is warm but my sink is young
and if I'm away for too long
how cold will it be when i get home

when i get home

It's the numb that keeps me running back to you
baby put your bottle down
I've found that perfect kind of cold
at least for now

I hope that I stop wishing for yesterday
cause you and i aren't the kids we used to be
and remember what I said to you
that I've been waiting for somebody just like you

someone like you