As We Both Close In On The Water

by Romancer

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released June 10, 2016

Adam Horrocks – Vocals, Guitar

Riley O’Donnell – Vocals, Guitar

Ben Abu Halaga-Dilgert – Bass

Nathan Cumber – Drums

Additional Guitars – Patrick Shay
Trumpet – Wesley Scott
Artwork by Daniel Hadfield, Barbara Hanula

Produced by Patrick Shay, Adam Horrocks, and Riley O’Donnell Engineered by Patrick Shay and Andrew Horrocks at AME Studio in Kitchener, ON
Mastered by Andrew Horrocks at AME Studio



all rights reserved


Romancer Kitchener, Ontario

Romancer is Adam Horrocks, Benjamin Abu Halaga-Dilgert, Riley O'Donnell and Nathan Cumber

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Track Name: Lottery
bodies like leaves both of us high words come out slow / you melt into me like how autumn leaves get pushed down by snow / our bodies leave both of us high words come out slow / you melt into me like how autumn leaves get pushed down by snow / it's you in my lungs and blush in our cheeks i'm burning my skin / ‘cause i put everything on 19 red / under the hum of streetlight and drugs coursing through our eyes we're home / terrified with the bets i make / you stay quiet so i figure i’ll wait / it's spoken from your eyes but the words are buried still / it's a quiet ride home
Track Name: Birds in Smoke
hazel eyes and darker sides she lives to set the neighbourhoods on fire / tearing down hot boards and windows / we're hungry house fires brighter on the inside / you're the arson and i'll be the passerby / you'll try to hide but you stick out like the fire / and she'll stick out just like the fire / reflected off the birds in smoke tonight / the air is tighter than the sheets we'll wrap ourselves in when the street turns cold / time is short we're barely breathing / take me back a couple hours, love
Track Name: Wilted
put me in a hearse, i'm dead / you got your nails deep in my friends / don't pretend it's not what you wanted / picked and kept safe so i wilt / lately you're all i’ve got now / is that why we all take up pills / all ‘cause i can't swallow guilt / picked and kept safe so we wilt / lately you’re all I’ve got now / knives thrown could cut the tension / bars you're in always kept you honest / and all your words starved for attention / don't pretend it’s not what you wanted
Track Name: Wax Light
underneath the water whisper something sweet / it’s become harder to keep my head above / with nowhere to swim we look for port / and like scared little kids we hide indoors / and the print from the headlines and breakthroughs in science get washed out / leaving never felt so much like home / careful like the coldest heart you know / at your own open heart drenched in white / dreams and lace dress fill your eyes / whisper to the mask all your vows / on your back fast asleep by the wax light
Track Name: Fireworks
how do you sleep i guess you've had a year on me / all the lights fixed in our road were too loud for us to see / time isn't a healer you'll still crawl your way back in / after all we're broken glass fireworks and tin / there are marks on the floor / and how i'm i supposed to recognize you / despite everyone saying a lights up ahead / but you're too dark to find your way / i wonder if our hearts - did yours burn brighter next to me / how have we grown colder than the grass beneath our feet / maybe i could be the knife for your kite / make love and sever the cord you used to tie your lights / is this how I spend my nights / and i let them make my decisions for me / and if all i am is just a bad taste / why would you die for the words that i say
Track Name: At Last, At Ease
i'm letting this pass / letting this pass from my mind / now i know i must go / before i lose it all and it's gone / run, run away from the tiny corners of the cage / people running through me / we're trying too hard to drive away in our heads / back to the place where we said someday we'd live / and since this is all we know / we can pretend with ashes from our own fires / got out of the car / only to see the grave of what i once saw on the tv in the distance / we aren't meant to be here, let's just go home/ run, run away and lose it all / we drove away in our heads / and now we sleep with ashes in our beds / let's make this all we know / all we know is all we know
Track Name: Bad Clover
we stay for the night / do you remember feeling love for the first time / some want it so badly we'll risk everything that we have / we're shot across the room into your ears, your heart, into your arms / and they say the world is prettier when we self-destruct like we always have / and as we both close in on the water tell me i’m everything that you wanted